About Us

About Us

CHW Forge, formerly known as Chaudhry Hammer Works was established in 1956. It is South Asia’s finest forging company known for its renowned quality and on time delivery. Our experience sets us apart to be pioneers in manufacturing quality forges that are a benchmark in product excellence, sustainability and on time delivery.

Leading players operating across a variety of industries rely on our forges for their strength and toughness which are critical components of machines used for drilling, engineering, construction, defence, ship and aeroplane manufacturing among many other such applications. CHW Forge products are widely recognized as the mark of quality in sectors like Aerospace, Defence, Oil & Gas, Heavy Industrial Equipment, Mining, Nuclear, Infrastructure, Power Generation, Ship Building, Education & Research and Gears.

Our success story span beyond the local demography. This is a key reason why our exports account for more than 50% of our total sales.

We invite you to our facility to witness skill and technology, guided by stringent quality standards, together with forging excellence.