The CHW Forge Logo

CHW Forge has adopted a logo which is an apt representation of the newer values it carries along with the manufacturing excellence already instilled in the organisational culture.  Contemporary in its visual appeal, the logo is closer to the modernism and technological advancement the company has always embraced- be it implementing ERP systems or deploying […]

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We are Re-branding ourselves

In tune with the times which require dynamism and staying a step ahead of the requirements, we are re-branding ourselves. This shall include improvements in the way we look, the way we think and the way we deliver.  We are sure this step shall help us to serve our customers better. The changes shall be visible across […]

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New Website launched

The new website of CHW Forge has been launched and is online now. The website reflects the new identity of the company, formerly known as Chaudhry Hammer Works. Not only more contemporary and neat in the way it looks, the site is extremely user friendly in the form of a navigation structure which is clear […]

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