Carbon Steel Forgings

CHW Forge manufactures carbon steel forgings as per various specifications. Carbon steel is an iron-based metal which contains carbon, manganese and a variety of other elements. It is an ideal choice for applications that involve high pressure and temperature, like gas piping, oil piping and many other special parts required in a variety of industrial machineries.

State of the Art technology

We use open dye forging method for creating these forgings as it helps in eliminating a variety of flaws, like the air bubbles and several others that are associated with the characteristics of casting. Apart from the increased mechanical strength, a major advantage of forged carbon steel over casting is its increased impact and wear resistance. This is because post forging, the composition has a tight grain structure which casting is unable to provide.

Smooth Order Processing

We at CHW Forge can quickly process all your carbon steel forging orders as we have an extensive inventory of alloy steel and carbon steel grades in stock.

Various Grades of Carbon Steel

Our open dye forging method is combined with the heat treatment process at our facility to produce a variety of carbon steel grades as per almost any specification. The grades are divided on the basis of the increasing amount of carbon and manganese in the forgings which helps in increasing its hardness and strength further.

Higher grades of these forgings contain high amounts of alloys, and are resilient and hard. But as these forgings are highly brittle as well, they require unique processing when they are being heated.

Our Products

Some of the most common shapes that we offer include-

Moreover, we also have a variety of other grades of materials available and we also offer machining on all the different grades at our facility. Apart from this, we also sell a wide-range of forged carbon steel products. We also offer aluminium forgings, rolled rings forgings, rolled and forged flanges, hollow forgings, gear rings, and a lot more.

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